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Go beyond DIVERSITY.

Develop deep understanding, practice and

implementation of diversity, inclusion and equity

through creative and critical workshops and consulting

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"I find Leigh's work to be complex, participatory, transformative and hugely inspirational."

creative diversity workshop facilitator s. leigh thompson

hi, I'm Leigh.

I work solo and with a team of collaborators to provide strategic consulting, coaching, workshops and more using fun, interactive and innovative techniques to develop critical and creative thinking while diving deep into issues related to diversity, inclusion and equity

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"Leigh has moved the needle on our conversations farther than

I thought was possible."

It's time to do good work BETTER.

Wherever you are, we've got you.

With staff and leadership workshops, consulting, meeting facilitation and more, we help businesses, organizations and schools succeed while creating change for good.
You believe diversity, inclusion and equity are important, but how do you incorporate these values into your work?

"Leigh is the kind of big hearted, fiercely intelligent teacher that pushes all of the people in the room to put their ego aside and continue to grow."

Not your typical diversity work.

We leverage a diversity of perspectives and expertise and utilize creative and innovative techniques to provide a unique and effective experience that will challenge your group to explore and grow in new ways.

"You will leave the room vastly more prepared to be a problem-posing troublemaker in a world that needs more people shaking things up."

Seriously, no judgment.

We meet you where you're at, developing a flexible and responsive plan that supports your team's unique skills and needs.
And what's more...

You'll actually have fun.

Tough topics and foundational learning doesn't have to be a chore. You'll laugh and play while engaging in deep dialogue. How great is that?

So, what can we do for you?

reach out

brooklyn, ny   |   |  402-212-9686

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Thanks so much!

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