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"The facilitators held beautiful space as we learned, shared and supported each other together. I feel I have more skills to navigate the oppressions I experience, alongside a powerful community that I love and respect deeply."

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Everything we do in this world can be understood as expressions of power. Our individual power is shaped, bolstered and hindered by the many ideologies, institutions and interpersonal relationships around us. Power, when understood as a complex system, can inform the way we understand trauma.


We provide creative, critical and community-centered processes to better understand how systemic power, privilege and oppression impact you, your community and your clients’ wellbeing, and to heal together from oppression-based trauma.

POWER-ful Considerations in Treatment:

Deconstructing Trauma Through a Lens of Systemic Power

Developed for the mental health professional, in this workshop participants will strengthen their lenses for understanding systemic power in relationship to trauma, build analytical and critical thinking tools regarding systemic power and how it impacts their clients’ wellbeing, and learn how to apply these lenses to their work.


Through the creative, interactive and dialogic tools of Theatre of the Oppressed, participants will engage in deep exploration and dialogue about expressions and exchanges of power and how power functions as a system, and how this affects communities’ and individuals’ experiences of themselves and the world. 

Deconstructing Trauma: Community Responses to Oppression-based Trauma

In this workshop series, we support communities responding to complex oppression-informed trauma. Through embodied, dialogic and therapeutic Rainbow of Desire Techniques (from the Theatre of the Oppressed arsenal), communities work together to unpack the ways oppression informs their experiences of trauma, and as a community share in creating a supportive environment where members develop skills to address the trauma. 

Creative Conversations

We support groups in responding to community rupture and shared trauma. We provide embodied workshop experiences that inspire critical reflection, community connection and deep dialogue around a variety of topics, events and shared experiences.

Diversity workshop participants engage in creative game play to explore power dynamics
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