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Getting Creative at Purpose

How much fun did I have presenting at Monday's mixer and panel by Purpose's and Netroots Nation? I sat amongst some fabulous creative activists, including Nicole Carty from Sum of Us, Hannah Kreiswirth from Purpose, and the inimitable Jay Smooth from Race Forward and Ill Doctrine. Andre Banks of All Out was the moderator. Smart folk, right? From the Purpose blog:

The event was held to kick off Netroots Nation 2015, the annual gathering of the Netroots Foundation designed to educate, stimulate, and inspire the nation’s next generation of progressive leaders. The event brought together Netroots Nation fans, including those attending the the conference this week in Phoenix, along with Purpose staff and progressives and creatives from the NYC social good community.

The panel presentation focused on how to develop breakthrough content that sparks and sustains activism and reaches new audiences. Our panelists highlighted work that uses the power of stories and innovative content forms to inspire action and launch new conversations on important issues.

"Inequality." Photo credit: Purpose

Each panelist was instructed to bring a case study to show, an example of creative work developed to create change. Of course I had no video. I, instead, used the audience as my case study. I mean, why show a video about the work when you can do the work instead?

I facilitated and debriefed an abbreviated sound-and-movement progression I'm now calling "The Dance of the Ish." In mere minutes the entire audience crafted a collaborative community dance exploring the problems in education. By the end audience moved together and chanted as one, "Segregation! High-stakes-testing! Common core! Overcrowding!" No disrespect to other the brilliant artists on the panel, but I think I got to have the most fun. ;)

Seriously all we're getting creative and having a blast. You know, while talking about oppression.

Read more about the other talented creatives and watch their stellar videos at the event on Purpose's blog (from which I ganked the above photo).

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