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"Leigh...has moved the needle on our conversations farther than

I thought was possible."


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Do good work BETTER.


You believe diversity, inclusion and equity are important, but how do you incorporate these values into your work? With staff and leadership workshops, meeting facilitation and professional development, I help businesses and organizations succeed while creating change for good.

And unlike other diversity and inclusion consultants, I help businesses develop critical and creative thinking, while building strong tools and deep investment to address diversity, inclusion and equity in all aspects of your work.



Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of power, privilege and oppression, language for addressing these challenges, and frameworks for analyzing how these relate to their work and daily lives. 

Gender Beyond the Binary

This participatory and dialogic workshop will allow participants to explore several of the many different facets of gender—gender assignment, gender identity and gender expression—to inform a greater understanding of how gender functions in society.

Examining Expressions of Oppression

Focusing on one or more particular expressions of oppression—racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, cissexism etc.—participants dig deeper to uncover the many ways power, privilege and oppression affect particular communities, resulting in greater competency of the issue at hand.



Be the confident professional who can address important and complex issues like race, gender, class, sexuality, ability and more. My engaging, inquiry-based professional coaching is custom designed to help you go deep, leverage your strengths and meet your particular challenges.


Together with a team of supporting consultants, I can provide assessment, design and direction covering many areas of your organization’s programs, policies or procedures.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

I provide customized meeting and retreat facilitation to assist your group in meeting your goals. I work closely with your key stakeholders to develop agendas that yield decisions resolve conflict, build trust and develop collaborative ideas and strategies for moving forward. 


What's the point?

Inclusion workshops help staff feel valued and respected for their full, complex identities. They feel seen and heard, and are more able to be fully present at the workplace. And workshop interaction, game-playing and group exploration builds staff unity.

A business that is truly dedicated to inclusion and equity can build stronger connections with diverse communities, gain support from a wider network and improve constituent relations. You grow community trust, gain credibility and likability.

When you invest in staff, they invest in the organization, bringing your retention rate up and your hiring costs down. And building staff understanding can reduce interpersonal conflict and provide staff with better tools to address challenges with colleagues. This means less risk of costly disputes and all around smoother operations.

Diversity workshop participants engage in creative game play to explore power dynamics

Why Leigh?

Unlike other diversity and inclusion professionals, Leigh’s workshops and consulting:

  • Develop creative and critical thinking skills. Creative and critical thinkers don’t rely on tradition or habit, but instead expand possibilities and analyze options to identify problems, find new answers and unlock innovative and effective solutions.

  • Keeps staff tuned in. Professional development is often a pesky chore, but my workshops are actually fun, keeping people engaged from start to finish. Participants enjoy themselves and stay tuned in, making it a highly effective learning experience.


  • Deepen buy-in and investment. In my workshops participants focus on analyzing the activities and their shared experiences, bringing everyone into the conversation and assuring all participants have a stake in the outcome.

Some past clients include

  • Kimberly Clark

  • Mount Sinai

  • Purpose

  • Shugarshoot

  • ThomasLeland

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